Harmonies of the sieved out

The word «crisis», in  Modern Greek, includes two categories of concepts, in one hand it describes the mental process that results in evaluation, decision and criticism and on the other, a situation that is almost irreversible.The last concept is the reason why this word was used in articles, responses and analyses, to describe the state of the Greek economy. However, the ancient meaning of the word was different, it meant «separating» or «sieving» and is far more suitable for describing the feeling caused to those who was exposed to this reality.  Crisis was a  sieve through which, households,  careers, personalities, ideologies, institutions and values attempted to pass through.  The result of the separation is evident everywhere, on faces, streets and landscapes, forming a new scenery, a new world  defined by numbers and statics,  a world of luxury hotels, clean mall aleys, smart devices and smart people, a world with no room for the sieved out. These  pictures are searching the beauty and the harmony of everything left behind.